Need help with CPU upgrade!

i have a 8200 Quad core cpu, EVGA 750i FTW motherboard, gtx 285, 750watt psu and recently i've been thinking about upgrading it. I need suggestions on a decent, good motherboard that goes with a i5 or i7 cpu. Both should be around $300 each. Please help me out! Greatly appreciated!

1366 socket...get an EVGA SLI LE for 1156 socket...get an EVGA P55 FTW

EVGA X58 (1366) SLi micro

Yes, it is M-atx, no it does not make a difference unless you have 10000000 graphics cards.
stable as a fucker

Go to evga's site and look at the b stock section, you can find a x58 sli for 100 bucks, an x58 le for 80 and a p55 le for 80.Â Â Â

or wait for sandy bridge

wait, do you want sugestions on a cpu aswell?