Need help with comcast cutting in and out. :SOLVED

Hey guys,

I could use a little help with my connection issues. I consistently have intermittent service through Comcast. I have tried getting them to help with this and they have been less than helpful. I get anything from the usual "reset" to we have reset things on our end BS. They did have a tech come out and look at it and he said everything was all good.


Its a all in one router/modem made by Motorola i believe (I will check when I get home from work). Pretty much what happens is during regular browsing using Chrome, It just sits there saying "establishing secure connection" until it finally loads or the request times out. If the page will load, I can run speedtests and I get a consistant 22mbps down and 3 mbps up. During gaming I get constant "reestablishing connection to server" messages which basically renders gaming impossible.


Is there anything I can try? It is a new house and this only started maybe a couple months ago with no changes to the system or house. Someone suggested a vpn might work as it seems like its a comcast issue since the tech said signal was fine. what do you guys think?


If you need more info I would be glad to provide it. 


How are you connected to the gateway?

I am connected using wireless. I have full signal even though am about a 100' away and in another room. I still experience this with my laptop using a wired connection. Funny this is, it seems to run flawlessly when using my cell phone (loads YouTube and other desktop sites that the laptop and desktop struggle with.).

Update: install a vpn recommended by the Tek... working flawlessly now.... Hmmmm...

I think i will make sure this is actually working and have a nice chat with Comcast here in the next few days.. 

Update to the update: VPN helped significantly but I eventually was having the same problems. I have my buddy come over (IT tech) and take a look at it. He found that the router/modem would basically lock itself up until it dumped everything and started over. It has some sort of firmware issues. I can't remember everything he said as we were pretty deep into his payment case of beer. I hooked up a newer 5G/N router I had from out previous house and it works great now. apparently the Motorola modem/router is pretty famous for firmware issues.