Need Help With Cloned SSD

Hi Guys,

Hopefully someone can help me, I've just cloned my old work PC HDD in order to upgrade to an SSD. The clone was successful but when I try to boot from the SSD I get an error BSOD telling me Restore my computer needs to be repaired. I'm at a bit of loss as to what to do, here are my drives. Disk 0 the SSD and Disk 1 my old HDD is there something obvious I'm missing?

What did you use to clone the drives?

Hi, I used Macrium Reflect.

I've never even heard of that software... There's a good chance it didn't properly copy the MBR or EFI depending on which you have.

EDIT: forgot to mention you should use acronis or clonezilla

Always better just to do a fresh install

You can just use Gparted to clone partitions

I think something's wrong with your SSD at first glance. A 500GB drive formatted NTFS should have 465GB of available space, not 447GB. Before doing anything else format the disk, test it and retreive some S.M.A.R.T. information to see if it's all good with it. Also to clone your Windows image I'll use Acronis True Image.

If those last 4 4GB drives aren't important on your HD. I would use AOMEI Backupper standard. I know for a fact I transfered successfully 3 times with it already. Make sure u click on align SSD while writing over so it's 4K aligned.

From looking at my own drive it seems your missing a system reserved partition. My healthy recovery partion is only 400 some MB.