Need help with case fans

Hello, I recently got a case that comes with four fans, the problem is the fans connectors look like this, except some have both(the female and male)in the same connector while others only have the male one. What kind of adapter do I need? I've looked in newegg but I'm not sure and would hate to buy something that I wont need at all... by the way this is the motherboard it is going into. Would love help from the community, as always thanks in advance.

That is a Molex connector; pretty common. You need a Molex to 4 pin connector. However, I would just get new fans; something cheap will work. Idealy, look into Cougar Vortex fans. Great value for the quality, noise, and CFM.

The computer I'm building is a budget so ill look on adding new fans later, the current fans will have to do for the time being. Thanks for the information!

No problem :)

You can just plug them in to the psu (thay useualy have 4 or more molex connectors) you just whont be able to control the speed

Hmm... could do that, It seems to have two molex from a quick check, but how fast would the fans run?

thay will run at full speed if there 120mm fans thay run around 1200rpm

Full speed; you will want to go throught the motherboard for Voltage control/PWM.

That sonds horribly painful. Id rather spend 6 bucks on a few of those adapters, can i just stack them... as in connect one top of of another? it seems like I can do that.