Need help with buying headphones + mic

Hi all,

I watched all the gaming headsets sucks replacemant guide video's, but i'm still not sure which one to buy. This is all i need:

- Music, metal, rock, dubstep and electro.

- gaming, pure for footsteps

- a maximum of 600ohm

- 180 euro or less

- open/semi open

- simple mic max 20 euro (skype and gaming)


I started to like the audio-tech ath-ad series, but they are really expensive for some reason in my country (The Netherlands). the ath-ad700x is 200 euro on and the ath-ad500x is 170 euro. they aren't available in my country, but they are in germany.

if  you need samples off my music taste let me know.

I am looking at the SONY Monitor MDR-CD900ST

They are 63 Ohms... and around your price range...

But I am not an audiophile.. I just buy from reading more experienced peoples VP.... and the SONY MDR-CD900ST has a lot of very high-rated reviews here.


I don`t know about Mic`s.... but for gaming I use a Wired/Wireless Creative Zx (I know its not what you were asking). The ZxR I would go for now it is out, but I bought before that one was released. Inbuilt mic... 

Will you dangle the mic from the ceiling? Or is there another way to speak into it while gaming without it getting in the way of the screen?

Crazy mode off.

I know you don`t have to get up close like in a studio.



oh sorry, the beyerdynamic dt 990 pro was going for 138 euros :). since I found the headphone I wanted I just bought the stupid zalman mic which is discussed in one of the video's. it's 5 euro so let's hope for the best :).

thanx for the reply