Need help with buying a new monitor!

Hey guys!

I'm really undecided on which monitor i should buy both are within my budget and are slightly smaller than my 24" inch monitor but i want to have the best of both worlds for my gaming,watching movies, browsing, photoshop, video editing. I would like to have a fast response time and good black/white and good color depth that is vibrant. 

Which one between these monitors do you think are the best?

If you guys have other suggestions please link them! 

my budget is around £160 give for take. 

LG 24EA53VQ   

Asus VN247H

 LG 23EA63V  

What do you guys think please help! :D 


for my opinion, the lg are better, so read the review on the internet and if the quality of the image are the same, you simply have to think if you want to spend 14 pund for one inch... my brother bought this and the quality is amazing, so you can wait for it or simply buy one of the two lg