Need Help with buying a keyboard!

I need to know if this keyboard IBM Lenovo model KB-8923 PS/2 PS2 Wired Keyboard Black p/n 76H0895 is a clicky keyboard or if it makes the clicky sound that imb keyboards are famous for. thank you !

That looks like it's just a membrane keyboard. You are looking for a Model M.

do you think it is a good keyboard?


Not really; you are looking for a much better one, the Model M. That keyboard you linked is just a cheap keyboard, and an old one at that. The Model M, however, is a fantastic keyboard; it will last you 20 years if you're nice to it, and even then... Great keyboard, if you're talking about the Model M.

i cant find a good modle m that is in my 40$ price range , they are all in poor shape or missing a lot of keys


How about a newer one?

if yo have a lower price range, then just look for mechanical keyboards on amazon and find one with the right price range.

with that price range just get any cheap keyboard (assuming you actually NEED a keyboard)

unless you're looking for a cheap keyboard with backlight, then it's pointless to spend more than ~$10, the cheapest i have ever seen any mechanical keyboard was $50

Sharkoon Skiller is a nice keyboard £12.99 for gaming.

Its not a mech keyboard, but for the price honestly, the Microsoft sidewinder had good reviews.