Need help with building first destop

Hows it going guys?

Im new and a total newb.

Im wanting to build my first Desktop, Was hoping you guys could help.

Im mainly using this to record music on protools And surfing the web.

I was wondering if you guys would be willing to recommend me a build.

But, Im on a budget.

$350 dollar budget.

I know that might not be the best build right their But its my first and possibly going to be better then anything ive owned personally.

Ive seen decent builds at this price range, but some of the parts arent available anymore for those builds. Thats why i dont go with those.

And i dont feel i have enough knowledge or experience to start one from scratch.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

bro ,so weird, this guy is wondering the same thing

Deleted the other 2 posts.

DonĀ“t make dual posts!

Pretty much any cheap build will work for web surfing and music recording.

AMD 7850K

Asus A88XM-A

1x8GB DDR3

Cheapest 1TB hard drive you can find

Low-wattage 50$ power supply

Cheapest case you can find; I like to use cardboard boxes