Need help with build?

So I'm thinking of building a new PC this summer. I live in the UK so shit is quite pricey here.

I currently have a Q6600, 8GB of ram and a HD5850. I need something faster and more mobile, because I'll be going to a conservatoire next year.

I definitely won't need a more powerful GPU so I'll be keeping it. 

I'm thinking something like:

I'm not sure about the CPU cooler or the PSU for now.

I decided on a i7 4770 because I'll need a power CPU for the software I use to record music.

I'm not sure whether I made a good decision on the motherboard? 

Anyway, thanks for the help.



Could you go down to a mini-ITX case? Look at the nifty little Node 304 for instance. A lot of music recording hardware is USB based anyway today, but in case you need more cards than the graphics one then I guess ITX is out of the question after all.

I'm pretty sure that an i5 would do fine as well for music, but it doesn't hurt to get an i7 if you have the money. Or a Xeon maybe. ASrock for instance has consumer motherboards that support Xeon's officially, something that for instance ASUS do not in order to keep Intel happy. ;)

Double check the recommended hardware for whatever music software you will be using, including taking a dive into their user forum if they have one of their own.

I'm not sure, I don't want the case to be so cramped that I want to kill myself every time I need to do something inside.

All of my music stuff is USB, it's just all of the plugins running at the same time tend to take a big bite out of the CPU and RAM. This is why I want to future proof myself in terms of power and go for the i7. Do you think there's a big difference between the K and the non-K? Or is it just the multiplier and that's it? 

I never overclock any of my hardware so I don't need the need for the K.

you could get the Xeon E3-1230 V3 and save 30£ It's an i7-4770 without integrated graphics. Also, the Node 304 is quite easy to build in from what i have seen, and upgrading should be fairly easy :)