Need Help With Build

Ok so i am about to build a gaming pc and have a budget of $900. I would like some suggestions from you guyies. I am not a fanboy of the following: AMD, Intel, Nvidia. So feel free to give any type of suggestions. But please need something in the budget above.


Thanks for reading and replying. 

Hello, this is my first time at building a pc too so join the club.

If you are going with a graphics card, get an intel 3750K or an AMD FX 6300 (personaly i would go AMD because its way cheaper and only slightly less powerfull (i think)). Get Fast RAM if i were you. Its cheap and why not... If you dont need a lot of space, you can invest in an SSD.

Anyway, if i had $900, i would do this... <--- I dont know much about graphics cards so ive left you $200ish for you too chose one or anyone alse to recomend one. Hope this helps.

Assuming you want a mini ATX tower anyway.


I agree with the build above, that processor has great specs and is pretty popular, and I like the other parts mentioned as well. As far as video cards go I would recommend a Radeon 7870. It's a powerful card, and you can probably find one on sale for a little over $200, but even with the sale the build may go a little over $900. If you are totally set on $900, Maybe look into a 7850 instead? I would also check out some of Logan's build videos from this site if haven't already. He has some good suggestions!

If you can spend a little more and get the 7950 why not.

thank you all for the build ideas. it has helped me a lot.