Need help with atx case

Hello there!


I am getting tired of my huge mAtx case so i am going to switch cases. The problem is that i cant find a small black (white works aswell) cool looking case. So i was wondering if you have any good recomendations!




mATX? Bitfenix Prodigy or similar Bitfenix cases. The Xigamatek Aquilla looks good, and I believe Wendell was very impressed with it.

My choice however would be the Corsair 350D, albeit the recommendation comes solely from looking at reviews and browsing the interwebs.

Depending on what platform you currently have and what hardware your using, if your looking to downsize then for a few extra bob mITX may be a viable route? That way you can potentially cut down to the likes of an EVGA Hadron Hydro or something.