Need help with Asrock Z77 Z77 Extreme4

Hi I finally received my parts and started building, i knew almost everything i had to do becouse i studied for the last 2 weeks.
As the title suggests i have an Asrock Z77 Extreame4, the case is the Corsair Carbide 500R.
Both look great and i installed everything with ease but the mobo manual got me confused on the front panel connection.

On the manual the Power button pin is a single one but the case provides a 2 pin connector,
next to the power button pin is a GND pin i read the manual cover to cover but could not figure out what that is and i am supposed to connect the PW-Button pin to the GND pin and if yes wich way around.

Any help from you experts? 

Pin configuration will vary from board to board and case to case. All things require 2 pins, positive and negative, they can be seperate or as one plug. The manual should list what each pin on the board means, so plug in the ones you are sure about, the power pin should end up being fairly obvious from there. To be honest I'm not 100% sure what your problem is here though.

Toughest situation I've found myself in with this is that one of pins on the case had 3 pins spaces, one positive, one negative, and an empty one in the middle, yet the board had these pins directly beside eachother, after some thinking, I decided the only thing to do was split the plug, remove the pin, and place it in the adjacent pin hole. That worked out fine, but don't go doing that to your pins unless your sure, if thats at all your issue...

If your real worried, send us pictures of the board's pin set and the plugs on your case. page 38
I don't think you need to see the case connector it's a 2 pin one but what confuses me again is there is no + or - on it, but i guess it's oriented like every other pin is.

P.s: same for the reset pin :(