Need help with arch install on desktop with gtx 1060

As stated in the title, I'm currently having issues installing arch on my desktop with a gtx 1060 gpu. My friend (aremis) says it's likely due to the base install doesn't have the proprietary driver packaged. Any help would be appreciated.

For note, we're trying to do Antergos because I think it has the easiest set up for what he wants to do.

So what issues are you having?

When I tried to use the standard Antergos installer, Nouveau didn’t like my 1060. It would boot the antergos live image to black and X would just keep resetting. I would get a mouse though. Thats where I stopped.

We did find an Antergos image with the drivers packed in, but it refused to update cnchi…
Tried manjaro too. Nouveau apparently crashes with 10 series?

Yeah, nouveau is garbage on (some of) the new cards. Just start the standard image’s graphical installer in VESA or nomodeset, and once you boot into the main installation, follow

another option is to install with the igpu (via bios setting or physical removal of the card) and then drop it in once installed.

What output on the 1060 are you using? try the DVI before giving up, sometimes it just doesn’t like using the hdmi ports.

lawl I forgot about that.

bruh I don’t even use linux and I remember that shit

I haven’t had to use nomodeset for the longest time. I’m honestly about to just buy him a 580. So much easier D:

I’ve got the 8gb 1060, but from what I’ve been told several time by a certain someone amd is much less of a pain in the ass.

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yes, typing nine letters or choosing a boot option might as well be a forced labor camp. If you don’t want shit to break before manual configuration use windows.

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I’ve just mainly used netrunner and ubuntu in the past and the set up was much easier and when aremis was walking me through it he was saying that amd cards have the drivers prepackaged most of the time

It’s more just him not being very good at sysadmin. Gotta RTFM if you want things to work in non-commercial operating systems.


  1. Switch to DVI – sometimes nouveau just freaks out on hdmi output on 10 series cards
  2. If that doesn’t work install in vesa/nomodeset/compatibilty mode
  3. If the resulting installation fails to get to light dm, install with bios set to igpu or with the card out of the system.
  4. once in the default system, just # pacman -S nvidia libvdpau nvidia-settings nvidia-utils plus the lib32 versions if you need them, and reboot, being sure to switch back to pcie as default graphics adapter in bios if you had to switch for installation.
  5. if you need cuda, # pacman -S cuda then add -I/opt/cuda/include to the flags of anything you need to compile, or symlink appropriately.

that’s it.

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I also have used a total of 2 nvidia cards ever lol. I’m really not used to the proprietary drivers that NV has and have 0 clue what to do in the problems.
Also forgetting nomodeset is a biggie lol.

hey if your down to spend money i could use a 580 lol!!! seriously i have been looking at benchmarks i am seriously considering a 580 and dumping my 980ti

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what why

also, what price are you asking for that 980 ti

@tkoham I heard from @Eden That most newer amd GPUS work out of the box with LINUX. I really enjoy my experience so far and plan on sticking with the OS, I was thinking of the future So if that was the case i was planning on switching to team red,
I haven’t really thought about selling it i was just going to replace it first than maybe hook up a new enthusiast on the cheap.

sure, but your current card works by installing the drivers (a one command thing in most distros) and rebooting, and will perform better.

I’d save your money, especially with miners inflating prices like they are.

For sure I do have the drivers installed along with Vulkan API.

did you ever get antergos up and running?