Need help with an other rig, again :/

Hello, i am bissy building rigs for friends

I need to know if the Corsair CX600 power supply will be anough for a GTX 770.

Thank you veary much!



(i have dislexia)

it sounds like it will work. as long as you dont have a power hungry cpu it will be fine.  (i have dislexia too)

Poeple with dyslexia are more creative then other poeple. And that is pretty much proven!

Anyway, i heard some stuff about needing 42 ohm on a 12 volt rail or something? im not sure about this :S 

You need more than 42Amps on the 12v rail this whont be good enuff it has [email protected]

Damnit, wich power supply do you recommend?



Have a look at the seasonic 620w it has 48Amps on the +12v rail

I need a cheap option, im stretching the budget with the 770 already!


well its all about current ampérage not ohm..ohm is unit for resistance..

anyway, ofc 42A currents counts for the whole system. not for the card only.  42A x 12V = 504 Watts in minimum wattage..  so yeah that corsair CX600 has 45A on the +12V rail, it will be tight but it should be work.but its realy not ideal! its better to pickup a 53A psu 650W 80+ bronze. are arround that amperage, cheaping out on a psu is realy bad

i recommend this:

grtz Angel ☺

What will life less long? The gpu or the psu?

The psu in the first place, but if the psu  blows up then it could  destroy other hardware, so its realy a bad idea to cheap out on a psu, that psu i recommend has 650W and 53A on the single 12V rail that is the thing to pickup. 42A minimum ussage for the whole system the corsair has max 45 A on the +12V rail so that will get extremely hot.

Holy cow... He already has an cx600 And if he gets an other one. He will need a cheaper option!

TahuV2 Hosselaar

And is there a 60 euros option for that? (Bryan y u do dis)