Need help with a small trade

First off hi every one, it's one of my random visits to the site in a long time. Hope everyones doing well.


Long story short, I need someone that can send $10 to someone on paypal for me to purchase something, and in turn I will buy you whatever you want that I can get with a debit card for $15.


My paypal is frozen due to the steam sale but I can use my debit.

instead of 10 bucks i can mail you my poop wrapped in plastic wrap. worth more than $100 imo.

I already got it fixed and no, I had to get something within the week for my brothers birthday and I already had in mind what to get him. 

Second of all I may not be around much but I've been with this site since the very beginning... And I've sold things on here as well... So no, I would say I'm decently trustworthy of this.

Long story short to send money anywhere with my debit card goes through popmoney which takes time, and my whole paypal was frozen because I had a 'large unusual' transaction recently, I donated $140 to Serbian Flood Relief so I had to call them and confirm everything because anything on paypal was being blocked by their 'security filter'. So yeah.