Need help with a PC build

So I have around a 900 dollar budget and was wondering if some one could help make this better.

In a PC I am looking for something that can handle high detailed renders, video rendering, and hardcore gaming.

Color scheme I want to stick with is black and neon green with a side viewing panel. Let me knos what you can add or take away to help improve this.

Looking at your picture... assuming that's you.... I bet you only have like $200 bucks to your name, IF that. Stop pretending you have the money to build a PC you poor console plebian.

And looking at that build... ew. What were you thinking!? AMD AND INTEL MIXED!? Seriously dude... just give up on trying to build a computer... you'll never be able to do it with a brain like that in your head.

I don't even know why I try to help these people...

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Yeah I guess it was just a matter of time before we got trolls on forum. To answer the OP's question: that is a solid build and the only recommendations Id give is to look into an 3770k and see if you can find a 7950 on sale especially with the r9 series coming out know vendors are trying to get rid of them. Also you should could look into a Xeon e3 thats LGA 1150 or 1155 and has hyper-threading and switching to a none "Z" board if you dont cant get an i7 into the budget but just dont overclock and make sure on the ram/motherboard/cpu compatibility and whether it has integrated graphics or not because that will add some steps to the assembly if it doesn't. Also I assume you have a HDD already since your not listing but if you dont Seagate barracudas 1TB should still put you into your budget with the current set up but if you can afford a little more Id go with a WD Caviar Black as Id have had better luck with WD in HDDs but this varies from person to person. Lastly just ignore the troll.

Slightly Over-Budget but this will work fine. I went with Nvidia for CUDA, and went with Haswell, just because it was newer. Also, not sure if you meant to do this or not, but your build has no HDD.

Ivy is fine, especially if you're going to be using a dGPU.  Haswell doesn't have much to offer the desktop market.

I used less expensive memory to put the money elsewhere.

PSU: A 750w power supply is overkill for one card.  I bumped it down to 550w, and used the extra money toward:

GPU: HD 7950.  Great value for the money

Looks like a good build, a few notes:

Processor is great for gaming, rendering the i7 would be ideal (as it has hyper threading). Because of your budget, I would keep the 3570 (or a 4670 if the price is close at the time). The cooler allows for some good overclock too, if you are not planing on overclock, you can keep the stock cooler and use the $25 elsewhere.

Ram: Your board supports 4 slots, I recommend getting 2x8gb ram, then another 2x8 when you need it. when you have 4x4gb you need to remove them if you want more. Corsair Vengence is good ram, the 2x8 is:

Graphics cards: some manufacturers make cards that work better on different tools. If you post what you use to render, (i.e. Adobe, Blender, Solid works...) and what you are rendering (CGI, 3D models, Video) we can help you better in this department. What you have is a good card.

Your power supply is overkill, unless you are planing on expanding a lot later (2nd graphics card, overclocking everything), you can go cheaper.

Storage: You don't have any. If you do a lot of rendering you will need a lot of storage, Western Digital are my go to. They are really reliable, and the performance to price can not be beat from picking up WD Blue drives (They come up to 4TB). Also recommend picking up an SSD for OS and caching, Intel or Samsung are my favorites, but check out pricing and reviews.