Need help with a Paper on Public Key Crypto/Privacy

Hey guys. I'm currently writing a paper that, as the title states,is on public key cryptography (RSA, PGP, etc) and its affect on privacy. In case any of you care, the actual research question is:

" Is RSA, and it's derivatives, such as PGP, good for the welfare of our global society?"

I already know that the opinion of most of you on here will probably be leaning more into the pro-RSA camp, but that's not what I need from you guys. If any of you have any sources (articles, studies, reports,etc) that would apply to this, could you please post them. What I'm looking for is:

1. Defend one side or the other. That bit is key. I want this paper to be as balanced as possible, so I want to present both sides equally. So I want opinions from both camps.


2. Give information about the use of public key crypto in out society today, and its effects. What I'm talking about here is studies or surveys. Something that states facts or statistics about the usage and/or the effect of this usage on law enforcement, crime prevention, etc. I need this because a major part of the paper is analysing the claims of both sides and determing how valid they really are.

Thanks in advance guys!