Need help with a modem

Hello there. I'm a long time viewer, first-time forum contributor.

I have been having some trouble with my Arris TM722G telephony modem (it's Comcast hardware).
The first response I expect is to replace the modem with my own to avoid rental fees etc, but unfortunately that is not an option for two reasons: modems with telephony ability are expensive, and the folks upstairs still use their land-line telephone (this is a basement apartment). The modem is in a utility closet and requires me to use a stepstool to get to it, which is a pain and I would like to access the advanced user features and reset it remotely so I don't have to go into the closet every time I need to reset the thing. (Which is often, thank you Comcast.)

The web GUI allows me to see some data, most of which is useless garbage and no use to anyone (thanks Comcast.) The advanced features however, are blocked and do not allow for login that way. Now I know on these modems you can invoke the console through telnet, so I fired up putty and attempted to telnet...which was immediately refused. Then I tried rlogin, no dice. Finally ssh, and still no luck. There is a USB port on the modem (which I found drivers for) but before I get up on a ladder with a laptop like a plebeian, I figured there must be a better way to go about this.

I am not new to networking, but I am not exactly what I would call and expert and after failing all the ways I know how to access this thing I can only come to the conclusion that I am doing something wrong. After spending some time on Google, I found that I am not the only person in the world having this issue. So, if there are any networking gurus out there, is there a way to force a telnet request? Or perhaps there is some sort of trick to getting past the port security of the modem through LAN.

Here's some other info: besides the modem, my router is a Pfsense box and it is connected to an Allied-Telesys managed gigabit switch which is broken off into another dumb switch which is serving as my main PCs subnet, a couple printers, and a wireless router acting as an AP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So you can view the modems web GUI just can not see a reset button?

Not just the reset, I cannot get into the advanced settings at all. The only thing the web GUI lets me see is model info, when it was powered on, and some sort of event log that doesn't make any sense.