Need Help with a java project

Hello, me and my friends are trying to work on a java project and we basically have a shell built but we are having some trouble trying to build the code to determine the transcript scores. I've included the instructions in a pastebin link so you can see what we have to do for the project. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. We are really stumped.

Could you please post the code you have so far or even better the section of code you are having problems with.

Yeah, you only posted the instructions, not your problem you're having.  We don't want to do your entire homework for you.

Also are you really sure you want to use an ArrayList?  Why not a Set?

This shouldn't be something that would stump you. It's not a trick question or a puzzle. The problem description clearly spells out the solution. You need only a basic grasp of Java programming concepts to put it into code.

It's very near the end of the semester; finals week is next week. By now you should have learned everything necessary to complete the assignment. If you have a specific question about about why your code isn't working, that's what you need to ask. Showing no code of your own and saying you are stumped is not a good way to get a helpful answer.

You're right sry. It's just the only thing we have is just a shell, like it has no "real code" I'll try and post what we have when we get some of it typed up.