Need help with a issue im having

oops hit enter before typing the problem

you can look at my build in my profile

when ever i launch an origin game such as bf4 titan fall or pvz garden warfare, msi after burner or evga percision x on screen display on wont let games launch but as soon as i close it thegames work fine. i only had one installed at a time not both.

how can i fix this. i just did a fresh install of windows/everything didnt help with the problem! 

how ever i dont have this issue with steam games and or uplay games. 


oh no one can help me cool cool 

Try updating drivers.

yea i tried that everything is one a fresh install of windows 8.1 and all drivers are from there corresponding website. 

Try disabling the origin overlay.  There seems to be compatibility issues with it and MSI afterburner and whatnot.

thank you i ended up trying that and it worked. stupid origin!