Need help with a CD/DVD thingy

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Basically, my aunt has a movie on a CD/DVD/whatever its called and she wants me to copy that movie from the original CD to 15 others CD's. 2 problems: I have no clue how to copy the original movie to another disc. Second problem: my aunt has only 4.7GB discs while the originally movie is 7GB. How can I make the movie fit onto the 4.7GB discs?

I hope this all made sense, if not, please ask me to try to re-word. Thanks :)

Think converting the format and then compressing it but the drawback is what is the playback method? Very important. So you have to pick a format that is playable by their equipment. Been so long since i put a movie on cd or dvd. I am assuming you will need a dvd standard disk.

when i used to do this i used dvdshrink along with anydvd (trial)

.. don't know if they still work ... you probably find better new stuff if you google it 

I always used dvdfab but i never really put much back on disc. The path of least resistence is going to be get dvds. They are cheap and no hoops to jump though.

I want it to be the same format as the original movie was, which I have no clue what it is and how to find it. Also, for dvdshrink and aanydvd, will those programs save the movie onto my computer, which I then can compress the movie file and then burn it onto a disc? 

Just rip it, then burn it on dvd's. Unless who ever get the dvd is still using a dvd player that is way old it'll play avi's just fine. Buying dual layer dvds will cost a sh%t load.

I don't know how to rip the DVD's to my computer. 

Also, my aunt already has the 4.7GB DVD's, that'd why I need to compress the video/lower the video quality. 

"I don't know how to rip the DVD's to my computer." -_-

Is it so hard to use google? Look here, i just used google and i found this and this.

There are MUCH more results if you just search for "how to rip a dvd" or "rip a dvd"

I don't want to sound rude but com on man, you cant be so stupid that you can't use google to search for things you want to know.

I mean you are a Bacon Lord and if this is not enough you are a ALMIGHTY Bacon Lord so use your Bacon Powers and search things you want to know first with google and if there is no useful result ask others for there help not the other way around. ;)

Follow dejeeta"s recommendation. Its the easiest way. Just rip and burn. No format changes or compression.

dont do it man, your aunt is asking you  to commit piracy. i will call the fucking FBI on you.

you need to tell your cheap ass aunt to spend more money on DUAL LAYER DVD+R

You can use make.mkv in order to rip the content from the DVD. From there, you can compress them using something like handbrake and finally rip them to a DVD using something like cdburnerxp.