Need help with 3770k

I need to learn how to over clock my i7-3770k 

MB: Sabertooth z77

CPU Cooler : H100i liquid cooler

I want to over clock to 4.6ghz only problem... I'm a noob and have no idea where to start.

You will need a few things before you start.

  • Stress testing tool (I recommend Prime95:
  • CPU Temperature monitoring (RealTemp (Intel CPU's only), or CoreTemp )
  • Patience and a fair bit of time.

First, make sure all data is backed up. Instability is virtually guaranteed to happen at some point, and that can cause data corruption/loss. Once you have all data backed up, you may proceed to the actual meat and potatoes of overclocking:

  1. Boot into UEFI (also incorrectly called BIOS) by pressing the "DEL" when turning on the computer from a completely powered-off state, during POST (Power On Self Test)
  2. Navigate to CPU Multiplier/Ratio setting (should be buried in AI Tweaker section) and adjust to modest settings, such as 42, to start.
  3. Test for stability (run Prime95 for 15-30min). If stable, increase multiplier. Repeat until unstable (error in Prime, even if on one worker)
  4. If/when unstable, either give a slight voltage bump to CPU (1 or 2 of the smallest interval), or decrease multiplier. Re-test stability. Adjust until stable.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have the overclock settings you want. [u]Keep an eye on tempertures!!![/u] Make sure they don't exceed 70c ideally. They can get warmer (85c max), but higher voltages and warm temperatures aren't good for the CPU's longevity.
  6. Once you think you have your settings, time to do a serious stability test.  Run Prime95 blend test for 24-32 hours. If fail, adjust (ratio, voltage, etc) and re-test.
  7. If pass, congratulations! You have a stable overclock!