Need help with $2000 Build

I'm building a computer for my brother with a budget of $2000. He will use it for mostly gaming and video editing. I'm however having trouble deciding between an AMD build (8350) or a Intel build (3770k). On the AMD side I could put more money twoards other items such as HDDs or go with the 3770k and have less money to spend on other parts. Any opinions would be greatly  appreciated and Thank You in advance. 

Go with the 3770k the 8350 beats the 3570k in some cases but not the 3770k


Hope it helped!

Thanks for responding, but is the extra money for the CPU+MOBO worth it, instead of the added bells and whistles on the AMD Build? 

the FX 8350 beats the 3770k at multi thread applications that utilize more than 4 threads (non linear rendering) only but everywhere else its the 3770k.

The truth is they will both supply you with superb gaming performance and the differences we all talk about imo really dont make much of a difference unless your like super into getting the MAX FPS at the HIGHEST settings in the LARGEST resolutions.

With that in mind if your brother is as described above you wanna get the 3770k, if however he is prepared to adjust game settings from ULTRA to say, HIGH he will have no issues with the 8350 :)

well it really depends what you need if you are ok with the 8350 benchmarks and it suits what you need then go for it but otherwise I eccomend the i7 alot more if you can fit it in the budget without losing actual performance

Thanks, I think I'm going to get him a 3770k, he'll be happy to know he has one of the best CPUs.

you can do alot with $2000