Need help what video card to buy

ok so i am normally am a nvidia person just grab a decent priced card and go well now ati has stepped up there game it seems i want to be able to play games on 1080p maxd out also be set for the oculus rift with out any hick ups or stutters my MAX price point at this point in time is 710 for a video card i want air cool because liquid still sorta scares me

here are the two cards i am looking PLEASE tell me which one would be best i also like to do video editing at the moment i am useing sony vegas but have plans to switch over to avid also tell me why the card you choose is better please not just because :P


nvidia evga

well the 980 ti beats the 390x but for 710 you could also afford a fury or some of the cheaper firepro or quadro enterprise grade gpu's and idk how they stack vs eachother, but you might want to take a look.
also im pretty sure the asus strix vrs can be overclocker further then the evga vrs.

I would go with the 390 due to price/performance compared to Nvidias solution.

At your price point, the Fury might also be an option.

How about TWO MSI Radeon R9 390's in Crossfire for a killer $640 system. They can also be overclocked .

These are not for gaming. They will not perform well for gaming, and should not ever be recommended for it. For every price point of professional GPU there is a gaming GPU that is better suited for OP's needs.