Need Help Upgrading To Pc Speakers

So I'm in the market for some good pc speakers around £40 ( Not Dollars ). So it seems from general searching that the Logitech z323 are pretty popular. There about £35 and they come with 2 satellite speakers and one subwoofer. Not bad?

Although the review from PC Advisor is pretty bad ( ). I'm only gonna be using for like 30 mins of gaming a day plus I'm upgrading from a Philips DCM292 which I took from the living room as a temporary thing so as long as it is better than that I'm happy ( Although the DCM292 are allot more expensive but I'm pretty sure that's because of their other functionality ) Here is a pic of the DCM292

Any advice? I'm an audio noob so I really don't know what is good and isn't so any recomendations or help would be great 


Btw here is a pic of the logitech z323