Need Help Troubleshooting Videocard Cooler

i just installed EVGA’s hybrid cooler on my 1080ti. Its stable, and the fan on the radiator is working, but the fan on the card isn’t spinning. I’m wondering if it could be a noise reduction feature, or possibly a software problem or if it is almost definitely the fan getting unplugged when putting the shroud on?

This is just thinking.

A lot of nvidia cards have a feature where the on card fans do not spin up until 60C degrees so so.

If the fan is definitely not working this may not be a great idea but you could push the card a little past that and see if it spins up then.

Like I said just thinking. there may be far better ways to test this, it is just the first thing that came to mind.

My XFX RX480 had the same setting (and EVGA 1070 FTW), the fans wouldn’t start until the card hit 50° or so.

I also recommend playing a light duty game, something to bring the temps up without frying it if it’s no good.

You can install EVGA’s Precision XOC and should be able to change the fan curve to suit, or at least see if it’s working.


the problem is its a hyrbrid cooler. So there is basically an aio stuck on the gpu so the gpu won’t exceed like 45C. The fan on the card should be for colling like the VRM and maybe the ram.

Had a total brain fart. Not about the cooler though and the temps it hits.

I completely forgot until reading @Steinwerks’s post about just firing up an OC program and setting the fan manually.

Do that.