Need help troubleshooting first-time startup

I recently built a pc and plugged everything in, but it won't turn on at all. I've tried checking all connectors, and am wondering if there could be a faulty component causing this. 24 pin is connected, 4 pin cpu is connected, ram, hdd and dvd drive all connected. those don't really matter right now because nothing starts up at all. no fans or anything. Any ideas on what could've gone wrong?

Are you 110% that you have the front panel jumpers for the power and all that jazz plugged in correctly. It's a very common mistake when people build there own systems and is probably the easiest part to mess up. Look in your motherboard manual for information on how they should be installed correctly and double check. If that's not the case I'd start testing hardware.

Yeah, i checked the front panel connectors. How would you go about testing hardware? It doesn't turn on at all so the psu or the mobo is failling somewhere I think.

Start with the Power Supply I guess, does it get power at all? I'd google how to test it just because I don't want to be responsible if you burn something out. They way I would do it is a little sketchy if you haven't done it before. Have the PSU unplugged and plug it into some molex fans, then you will have to jump the 24 pin with a paper clip. Then plugged it in and see if it is producing at least some power because most of the time if it is then the problem is somewhere else. To jump the 24-pin you connect the fourth black cable in to the fifth cable in which will be a green cable (green ATX logic wire with a black ground wire). Side by side, it's the only way a 24 pin can have that combo here is a link to help. Then once you bridge those 2 pins together with a paper clip plug it into the wall and see if it's producing power, I guess that's a way to start searching for the issue. I'd honestly make 110% sure everything is connected properly first and parts are compatible.

did you turn of the switch on the psu? (if it has one)

is the outlet working?

I know it sounds obvious, but sometimes the little things get overlooked.

Commisar is right sometimes people can make overlook retarded things... someone will get this reference in the forums and enjoy it hopefully.

Is it possible the motherboard or anything shorted out? I didn't hear anything when installing the components, but the motherboard's screws aren't fastened in all the way. I also had a problem connecting the 24 pin cable. It wouldn't go in more than about 3/4 of the way without applying more than enough force. We got it to hook on though eventually and heard it snap in place, but only after applying a lot of force (more than necessary). Is there a way to check if anything is shorted out?

It's possible, anything is possible, it could have no gas in it or something. I don't feel like writing out all of the different ways plus you will probably need pictures and someone who can word the steps better than myself. I'd just google the steps for reach component and take it step by step.