Need Help to identify no brand Liquid Cooler

Hi Everyone. I am trying to identify a Closed Loop Liquid Cooler. It has NO logo, no unique identifying marks on it at all. These are the photos I have of the loop in question. I am trying to get mounting hardware to go with it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Normally I would say Asetek, if you are able to remove the shroud where the pump is and take a look at the chips/pcb you'd find your answer.

Or if you know what computer it came out of.

Looks like an Asetek that's missing the block cover, i'm not 100% though.

The fan looks like an older NZXT fan - is it 120mm, or 140mm?

The cooling solution itself, though, doesn't look like anything from NZXT. (Not sure what to think about it at all, with that tubing, and with how far apart the tubing is attached to the pump.)

The mounting bracket attached to the pump looks like it was meant to attach to an AMD socket, since it had more of a vertical rectangle shape.

I contacted Asetek and they said it was not theirs. I am trying to find parts for it/ information about it. I will take the plastic shroud off and check the chips/pcb