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Need help to fix or work around firmware bugs

i have a dell precision m6800 laptop running debian GNU/Linux 10. its a nice laptop, and i like it. unfortunately the firmware is just so broken, many things on this laptop just do not work.
the vast majority of these bugs are of little or no consequence. but the ACPI implementation is just so broken, many features dont function. among these broken features are:
lid switch, wwan card, fans, power button, volume and mute buttons.
the fans work, but the OS is completely unable to control them.
there may be more broken things, but thats all ive found that seem to be a direct result of ACPI bugs.
here i have attached the entire log of “fwts -a”. this gave me some insight of what exactly the problems are. but i have zero experience fixing ACPI bugs, and i can find almost no documentation on how i would go about doing so. any help or advice on where to go for help would be appreciated.

i have already contacted Dell. they refused to help.

results.txt (1.4 MB)

tl;dr on that fwts dump: many failures and errors, but the most significant seems to be these from the kernel log: