Need help to buy my ssd

Hello community, I'd like to know what the best SSD I can get with a 240-256gb capacity between the 170-200usd price range

thank you.

samsung 830/840 series

ocz vertex 4 

crucial m4

Those are just my reccomendations

Hope it helped! 

You wont go wrong with the SSDs WAFFLETIME recomments, however you might check out the Kingston HyperX 3K as well. I use the OCZ Vertex 4 myself and i am very happy with it.

If i was you i would get the Samsung 840 pro

New get did a benchmark on it and it had write speads of about 440mbps

In the uk a 128gb is about £100 and i dont know about the US

The pro isnt in that price range last time I checked. 
I was thinking about the Hyperx 3K but oh well IDK yet.  

Crucial M4, Samsung 830

avoid ocz, go for the above mentioned or intel

Intel uses Sandforce though.

this is news lol

Kingston hyperx 3k or Intel.

Intel also has the drives with the most usable cycles as well. Some people that use sandforce, just know how to use it better.

I like my Adata 128GB but I haven't gone any bigger than that so far so I can't really help you sorry.

I would recomend Samsung 830 or 840 series, go for the 830's if you can find them on sale since they are a "older" sieres but they are stil really fast, and they look alot better too!!! Also I would recommend the Kingston 3K sieres. I got a 64GB Kingston SSD and paid $120 for it back in 2010 and it is still in use today, I use it in my laptop with is used everyday.