Need help to build a PC, high settings, for BF4 with a good FPS

Hello Everyone,

At the moment I currently have items on my checkout on Newegg but I think its too pricey for being my first PC gaming rig. I've been playing on console since age 4 and I'm 25 now and would like to go PC! Graphics, MMORPG'S, so I am looking for a PC build that can stand high graphic settings and give me a good FPS. At the moment my rig is around $1,030, which I find really pricey and would like to have rather have something around 600-800 dollars.

I need your opinion if I should stick with it or I can do High settings on BF4 for a cheaper PC rig.

All of this I figured I needed since I've been watching a lot of videos and this is a really good computer for any game I put it against.

These are the best parts I could find for cheaper while having a more powerful gpu 

I would look at changing the 7870 to a 7950, only about 20-40 bucks more right now?

I would recommend going with an intel CPU if your not going to utilize those extra 4 cores. Most games are only able to utilize 2 threads, while even fewer games are able to utilize 4. So having those extra 4 cores on an 8350 isn't going to help you get better FPS on games, or at least not until AMD's matle API will actually used to develop AAA titles such as battlefield 4. And the 8350's 8 vishera cores are weaker cores then their intel counterparts. So in games, something like an intel i5-4570k will often get you better performance when the # cores and threads is taken out of the equation, which is what happens most of the time with games.So even if going with intel is the more expensive option by a small margin, I would recommend something like this:

which costs only about $4 more than your build. I hope I was of help.

I didnt want to go intel due to the fact that Battlefield was going to take advantage of the AMD mantle once it is released. I would like to have good FPS when playing battlefield 4.. If you guys are playing the beta at the moment and have the graphics at high with a decent PC I would like to hear of it. Like I said my budget is around $500-800