Need help Speccing Alix-based router

Hey guys,


I maintain my family's wireless and computers and my Father's Ipad 3 (<sigh> yes I know.)

is having connectivity issues with the Ubiquiti Air-Router HP-N that I have installed at their house.

Since my Father wants it replaced I figured I would install a custom built Alix-based router.

I've priced out the parts on pcengines, but I want to make sure that what I have selected will give me

a (as long as it's not DOA) functioning router with B/G/N capabilities once I've finished assembling and configuring it.

Below is the paste from the pcengines site:

Qty Description


  • 1 ALIX.2D13 system board
  • 1 Enclosure 3 LAN, alu, USB
  • 1 AC adapter 12V US plug for IT equipment
  • 1 CompactFlash card 1GB SLC 
  • 2 Cable I-PEX -> N female 6 GHz
  • 2 Antenna N male
  • 1 Compex WLM200NX miniPCI card


Thanks in advance - RagnarIV.