Need help shopping for ssd

I'm currently shopping for an ssd and my price range is about 55 dollars that I have on my amazon account. I was looking at the kingston because it has 450mb/s seq read/write speed and it has great reviews. First: are those speeds accurate/What can I expect? Second: are there any other ssds I should be considering for the same price that have better performance or will last longer?

I got Kingston SSD V300 240Gb model that was aprox $100 half a year ago - so i think 128GB model will be in your price range. Im quite happy with it. Everything runs fast like never before, compared to HDD on my NTB. And I mean everything. Windows itself, programes, games...everything loads faster.

Unfortunatelly cant tell you about any alternatives as everything else was way more expencive than this Kingston when i was looking for mine.

Save up a little bit more and get a Crucial MX100. Newegg has it on sale right now for like $60-70. 

The new SSDNows! Are absolute shit. They are unreliable and slow.Like only a tiny bit faster than a reg HDD.