Need help setting up my 3rd monitor

Hey guys I'm about to venture into the world of triple monitor with eyefinity for the first time. I currently am running two monitors off of my Sapphire 7950, both of which run DVI. Now to my understanding I must use the DisplayPort for the 3rd monitor; Is this correct? Am I not just able to run the 3rd monitor just with an HDMI cable. Why or why not? What adapter do I truly need to use to set this up?


Any input is appreciated, maybe you can share any problems you may have had when setting up your eyefinity setup.

Can't you like just try it out? every card behaves diffrent. For example my reference doesnt even have 2 dvis, just 1, a hdmi and 2 displayports. And for 3 monitors there you really need a displayport converter thingy

my XFX double dis has 2 dvi ports, 1 hdmi and 2 displayports, but cannot use 2 dvis at the same time (its probably a dual link setup), there you also need a DP thingy for the 3th monitor.

and for both cards, I cannot even connect 4 displays using every port, I have to get a display port splitter thingy to make that happen.

So its a mess. cant you just test it out? :P

Two DVIs and a displayport work. But if that third monitor doesn't have display port you will need an active adaptor. See here - . Also the poster above me has the best advice of all provided you think you have the connectors, just try to set it up and see what the failure points are. 

of course I will be trying it out myself, and I would have before posting this, but I'm still waiting on a power cord to arrive for my third monitor

well yeah, i got lucky with the 7970's; it comes with adapters in the package. I'm taking this isn't the case with the 7950s?

Yeah I guess not, the only adapter that comes with the 7950 is a VGA to DVI adapter. It shouldn't matter if I use DVI connections on all of the monitors right??? (using a Display Port to DVI adapter on the 3rd one)