Need help setting up a weird network

First post, long time tekshow fan.

I will start with a list of servers.

- pfSense acts as main firewall, gateway, whatever you want to call it. It hosts OpenVPN server on network

- webserver litespeed webserver with multiple virtual hosts.

- windows temporary windows server hosting running main website (apache,mysql) and wowza media server. This will be gone soon. It also runs WINS server.

Problems that I am facing right now.

- Computers connected through VPN can't see servers in network browser. This means that I ahve to type // instead of //WEBSERVER. However WINS server does see have registration records for VPN computers but not local servers. And yes I have set wins server in DHCP server options. Servers and VPN computers do have correct wins server set.

- Users and user accounts; also shares. This is a mess. I was thinking about running openldap for pfsense, samba, and litespeed to make things easier. But the reality is I am complete idiot when it comes to AD or openldap.

- Permissions for virtual hosts. I have a host which is managed by two people, user1 and dev1. How do I let two users have acess to virtual host folder without letting everyone else rwe it? Create a separate group for them and then do rwerwe---? But who is the owner? root?

WHat I plan to change

- Run linux server just for samba storage (and maybe openldap server or failover?)

- Run different linux server for wowza media server that will record streams to samba storage. Good luck setting up the permissions.

- Have some sort of certralized way for users to access shares that they suppose to have access to

THis is total mess and I can't pput it out any better. If someone can undernstand and maybe help me, that would be great.

>Computers connected through VPN can't see servers in network browser. This means that I ahve to type // instead of //WEBSERVER

Probability is that is also their home subnet. If running a windows machine, that shit could cause serious issues. change the subnet.

LDAP would solve a lot of the issues. there are gui front-ends to ease your pain

you solved the virtual hosts issue yourself.

You can use a Raspberry PI with an attatched external HDD on it just for a centralized share.

For the centralization, I would recommend setting up a domain controller, which will also act for Active Directory. You can get a trial version of Windows Server 2008 which will do the job nicely