Need help seting up a wifi and lan connection to the same pc

what i am trying to do (and also failing) is run a minecraft server on my computer for the house along side still having access to the internet. I have two routers, a zhone that came from my isp and a linksys that i have had for a while. the zhone is used for internet and is shared with the rest of the house while the linksys is being used for the server only (no internet access). my problem is i cant get my computer to connect to both networks at the same time.

i am using a usb wifi adapter for the zhone and i have the linksys directly connected to my computer via ethernet.

i would think this is possible. would appreciate all help.


Also i have had the server up and running with multiple people on.

u cannot connect to 2 different networks at the same time. Plus why would you want to?

or need to anyways

You should be able to run the mincraft server in your house without having two seperate connections, lol. The modem that connects to the internet (That is also a router) Has both an internal and external network. Just direct their clients to use your local IP address (192.0.x.x) while your server is on. No second router is needed.

i had originaly tried to use the zhone and i did get it to successfuly run and everyone could connect but it was EXTREAMLY laggy. the reason i was wanting to set it up as stated above was the fact that the zhone is a pos lol. single antenna router that cant handle a 3mbps connection half the time. i had tried to bridge it with the linksys but that turned into a day on google and 6 hours on the phone with consolidated (my isp) to try to get the bridge to effectively work. after all that and about a week of tweaking i just gave up on the bridge. i wanted to use the linksys because it has been and still is a good router. the server on the linksys runs very well and that is my dilema. either i use the zhone and have a laggy server or flip flop between networks with the linksys.

Connect the linksys to the zhone via ethernet cable then, lol. Set it to use the same network as your zhone and turn off your zhones wifi. Thats what I do with my modem/router linksys. Then you can connect to the linksys router for internet AND the server.

that was the "Bridge" i was talking about.

Then you wouldnt need to set anything special up or anything. Ill tell you how to do it.

Go into your Zhone, Turn off Wifi. Set the last number of your DHCP server to start at 3. (

Youre done with your Zhone setup.

On your linksys router. 

Its IP address should already match your Zhones IP address set. Go into the settings, and change your linksys's IP address to After you press accept, you will have to use THAT IP address to configure your router.

Turn on the Linksys wifi. Set the SSID and Password to match the ones your Zhone had.

This next part is important. Go through your linksys settings and DISABLE the following. 


ALL firewalls and blocks

Any filtering at all.

These will be handled by your Zhone.

(This guide assumes general knowledge of router configuration, I will answer any questions and give a more in depth tutoral if you need it)