Need Help. Plugs are in, but no power

As I am building my 400 dollar budget PC, I figured I would ask for help here.

I have:

  • Put my CPU in properly
  • Put the AMD fan on top of that correctly
  • Put the front panel connectors in correctly (as far as the manual says)
  • Put the SATA cables correctly into the optical drive and the hard drive
  • Put the 24-pin power connector plugged in. 

I am running an AMD APU 5800k, so no need for a graphics card yet hence the loose PCI-E cables

The computer is plugged into the wall, and I have considered a shortage of wattage in my room, but that is not the case, as I have tried over and over again to get the most wattage,but still nothing.

I will be posting a video on Youtube, so I can link it here for you to watch.

In the meantime take a look at a couple pics I snapped.

If you just have a theory as to what is going wrong, leave it for me to check.

If you find anything wrong, please help me out. Thank you.


Have you connected the eps connector?

Looking at that picture in the middle you havent conected the 4pin 12v  power connector


Yes the 4 pin cpu power connector is not connected, thats why it doesnt run

left upper corner to the cpu cooler, like showd above

I have attached it now, and it still fails to boot. Once and a while when I plug in the power to my motherboard the fans move but then it stops. Any ideas?

It shudent be starting up as soon as you connect the power you may have something shorting out.

Check there is no metal touching enywhere on your motherboard and check all the wires and see if thay dont have bad kinks,cut exposed wire ect ect 

If you have plugged in the 4 pin and its still not working........have you used the motherboard stand-offs, so the board is not shorting out on the case?


did u flip the switch on the back of the power supply

Wow..You're cpu cooler is UGLY..

Did you try using a different PSU? Probably is DOA.

Actually guys, we had it right since the suggestion with the power connector. It turns out I couldn't plug it in to the strip I had to plug it into the wall. I forgot to do this the last time I re-routed the wires.

Now that my computer is working. Do any of you know why my monitor won't pick up my AMD APU 5800k with integrated graphics?

I'll give you a hint: Your monitor isn't wireless.


I know that. Problem is with my integrated graphics, my monitor doesn't seem to pick up a signal even when the vga cable is secured on both ends.

You plugged in the power cable right? Also, do you have a DVI or HDMI port you could try out instead? You did use motherboard standoffs when you put the motherboard in, right?

I only have a VGA. I figured it had something to do with the fact that I got integrated graphics, and yes of course the standoffs are on, I don't know how else I could put it together properly. I want to enter BIOS, but I can't even see anything because the screen refuses to take the VGA signal. Would getting a DVI cable change this?

Wow these computers are tricky! It's never obvious what goes wrong right away, there always has to be something small. After nearly retiring for the day, I found out that the RAM that looked like it was in, was eeeeeever so slighty NOT in. Thanks for all of your help. My computer is running as it should thanks to the awesome power of teksyndicate!