Need Help Please

I said a few fps, I experience about a 4-5 fps increase going from 1600 to 2133, but thats just my experience. I didn't buy it for that reason, i just noticed once i started playing games. I agree with the SSD though, it makes a massive difference in your overall experience. I think the 270x is the best bang for buck overall, im assuming that he doesn't want to OC, but i guess the 270 could get you by.

overclock a 270 and it's a 270x... same chip... same bin... same structure... one's factory overclocked...

the 290 is the best bang for buck... but there's a lot of buck involved for a $600 computer :P

... and I'll be the first to say I have a hard time believing your ram was the reason for an extra 4-5 fps... 

I agree with the first thing you said, but as I said before it didn't sound to me like he wanted to do any OC. 270x is the best bang for buck in his price range, if he wanted to build a 1500USD PC, 290 would be his best bang for buck. Well, it is what it is. :) Your not telling me anything I don't know already, I'm just making suggestions that apply to him, im not going to recommend a video card that costs more than his pc

+1 its not that hard to overclock at all. 

RAM is RAM.  All companies have some DOA items, and AMD is not exempt from them.  ADATA, Kingston, Crucial, Corsair, and many other brands will work just fine.  I just didn't think it was justified for buying "gamer" RAM, especially when it provides no improvement to the gameplay experience.

Also, if you want to utilize a multiple-GPU configuration, I would HIGHLY suggest going a bit higher to the 990X or 990FX chipset.  A good motherboard would be the Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0.  The second slot in 970 boards are often only electrically wired to x4.  This will result in some bottlenecking as the bandwidth in the slot is not good enough to handle the full potential of the graphics card.

I changed a few things how about now?


I'd go for this... mobo's a LOT better, has USB 3.0 headers, better VRMs... really just changed the ram to match the color scheme... Caviar black/blue/ whatever... 7200 RPM HDD is all you need to know...both are reliable and the black isn't any faster... blue's just cheaper... for PSU I knocked you down to 200w of overhead instead of 300w... because you won't use 430 without a significant overclock... still modular, gold rated, and whatnot, this one's on sale...

basically I just juggled around all the unnecessary stuff so you could get a nice mobo... I'd like to throw in a cpu cooler so you can overclock the CPU... but hey... budget is what budget is... add it later when you get tired of hearing the AMD stock one...

you could prolly keep the mobo you have, do all my other changes, and get a nice cpu cooler though (I wouldn't, but you CAN :P)

I would suggest to go for the m5a990fx pro r 2.0 if hes going into that price range, its the better of the 2 and i have seen alot of sales for it lately even down to $130.