Need Help Please

I am new to building a desktop and would like to ask if what i selected is good enough for moderate if not good gaming:



You will be able to play all current titles at ultra settings, is that good enough? (Except maybe metro titles - which could be played at probably high)

Just don't expect a ton of overclocking out of that board, you could probably go to 4.0ghz though :D

With the 270x you will not be able to play current titles at ultra or even high in some cases.

I beg to differ, check youtube for videos of such cases and you will see endless videos of people playing this way.

I now point is proven, but make your own decision. The proof is right there...sure, you don't get 60fps solid, but its very playable, if you dropped it down to High, or simply took AA off, you would be more than fine.

One more for good measure!

One more for good measure!

FX-6300: Decent budget gaming chip.

Asus M5A97 R2.0: Good motherboard.  I, however, would take the Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P for its beefier VRM design.

AMD Radeon R9 Gamer Series RAM: Expensive RAM.  You also don't need such fast memory.

WD Black: A reliable drive.

R9 270X: Go with the R9 270.  It's cheaper for the same card, except that it has a lower clockspeed.

PSU: You don't need that much wattage.

Where's your case :(

Honestly, I would stick with that motherboard in his case. It seems like the Asus m5A97 has better reviews, I have used it personally on my 6300 build with no issues. You could definitely go with slower ram i guess, but you may lose a couple fps, and I would stick with the 270x, thats about the lowest "good" card i would pick. the PSU gives him some expandability too. But some tech noob does have some good suggestions. I have a feeling we are going to confuse the hell out of him. To answer his question though, either setup would be good for ultra gaming w/ most current titles. Don't let anyone tell you different, as the proof is all over the place - people may tell you to spend more money, but thats mostly because they spent endless amounts of money for marginally better gaming,. and are most likely mad about it.

Ya could use a case maybe

Ya, that would be good idea!! haha maybe he wants to use a cardboard box! jk. Plenty of decent $50 cases out there, Corsair 200R is a GREAT budget case,  I have built many customer computers in this chassis.

I already have a case cooler master my friend gave me since he upgraded his i just dont know what case it is :P 

Nothing wrong with the Asus M5A97 R2.0.  The Gigabyte one also has great reviews, and an 8+2 power phse design capable of handling 8 core CPUs, which the M5A97 occasionally struggles to do.

It has been shown that there is zero difference between 1333 and 2400mhz RAM(unless you are using an APU).

The R9 270 is the same exact card as the R9 270X, but just at a lower clock speed...

I would say high-ultra settings for the 270/270X at 1920x1080.

Well a case is a case if your on a budget :). I wish the mail wasn't so expensive or I would just send you one, i have like 4 sitting around doing nothing.

I chose asus just for the easy oc if i wanted to or needed your right about the ram though i just chose the radeon ram because their is basically no chance of it not working and for the psu  i plan on crossfire in the future,

You all have really good feedback. The only things I would add is that I would check the board you choose ram compatibility list on you board of choice and see if i could get something cheaper. Unless you where to run an APU I disagree that faster system ram would affect FPS. The ram speed on the card would be more important in that regard. 

Also I have to agree on the 270 over the 270X if you don't mind overclocking yourself. 

And if you can swing the extra 60 bucks a 120GB SSD for your OS is always a good idea.