Need help Please

I am building a new pc and when i thought i finished i plugged a monitor in using the vga port and the screen says no signal.  And none of the USB ports are working on the motherboard or the ones on the case.  everything else is getting power though, the leds on the fans light up the disk drive works and the HDD. I have tried everything but cannot get this thing to work.

Case:  Rosewill galaxy 1

mobo: msi fm2-a75ma-e35

power supply: TT 600w

CPU: amd athlon x4 750k

ram: g.skill 4gb

HDD: WB blue 1tb


Please help.  Thank you


which gpu do you have?

im affraid that you missed that part indeed, a Athlon does not have an intergrated gpu. only the AMD-A series have.

you need a graphics processor

I got an msi r7770 ghz edition.  I didn't know the athlon didnt have an integrated gpu.  The monitors I have has cord that wont go into the video card.  If i have to get a new monitor for it to work i will, lol.  So without the gpu installed nothing will come up on the screen?  (again i'm sorry if i sound dumb).  

nothing will come up without the gpu, you say the cord isn't compatible with the graphics card, i'm going to guess it's vga (blue, 3 rows/ 5 columns of pins), the gpu probably comes with an adapter for that to dvi [link]

Yep, buy a graphics card.  As everyone has stated above me.

The Athlon II X4 750k has no video on the chip; that chip is purely a CPU(hence why it's so cheap)  Only the AMD A-series APUs have integrated video.  The video ports on the motherboard will only work if you have an AMD APU.

I think he already has the GPU.

There will be no on screen display without the GPU plugged into the board. There's probably an adapter for your monitor/cord

Don't worry, we all start somewhere.

The ports on the motherboard won't work, but the ones on the GPU will.  As overlordnick stated, the 7770 ghz edition should come with a DVI to VGA.  Plug the adapter into the GPU, then plug your monitor into that.

If it didn't come with one, you'll have to buy one.  If you had more money, you could also buy a nice IPS 1080 monitor though, as VGA is getting a bit old.

Thank you. Yeah the gpu didnt come with one, but i was planning on getting a new monitor anyways.  what should i look for in one?  I dont wanna spend more than 140-150.  Thank you again.

Also, do you have an idea why none of my usb ports aren't work.  I plugged in my mouse but it never turned on, and when i plugged in my keyboard the caps lock, scroll lock, and number lock leds came on but that was it.  Could it be that it was waiting for me to install my OS or something?

Depends on where your computer is at.  Most stuff should be fixed when you install an OS.

Something like this should be relatively good.  It connects through DVI.  It has a nice IPS display, which usually brings nice color and viewing angles.

Its alive!! thank you all so much for helping me figure this out!