Need help please!

So, I went out today and bought an H80i and then went to my friends house and we were all like yah H80i overclock blah blah. We got everything set up and all of it was working so we went to overclock. We went into the BIOS and overclocked my FX-6100 to 4.2ghz and hit reboot. When we rebooted nothing happened....and I mean literally nothing. The pc itself turned on and it seemed like it was working but nothing showed up on the motherboard. It didn't post or show anything at all. If you need my specs they're in my profile.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Clear the CMOS

Unplug the power to the system, and take the CMOS battery out for a minimum of one full minute, then pop the batter back in. Also, after the batter has been removed, as well as the power, press the power button to rid of any extra charge the mobo has, should help.

Alright im trying that, Ill get back to you

Alright so It worked and I love you guys <3