Need help picking some parts or any changes i should make

MOBO - MSI Z77 MPower Big Bang

CPU - i5 3570K

CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper V6GT or Thermaltake BigWater A80

RAM - G Skill Sniper Series 2x4GB 1600Mhz

GPU - MSI GTX 680 Lightning Edition

PSU - CoolerMaster GX 650Watt

CASE - Cooler Master Storm Series Trooper

this is the part list that i can buy from in my country's currency USD to RM is times 3.06

i do have another RM350 but i dont know what to spend it on i would like to cut down on the PSU if possible but  i will be overclocking too



Do you have any prefreces on a hard drive?

You just need to pick out a harddrive that is compatably, i would recommend an ssd/mech drive setup. Everything else is compatable.

I would say to get at least 8GBs of RAM if your gaming because some games like Guild Wars 2 and BF3 take about 3.8GB of RAM usuage. Lets not forget your operating system takes usage as well. Also the Thermaltake BigWater A80 is the CPU cooler to go between the two. But if you really want a better CPU cooler than both I would get the Thermaletake Frio, or the Thermaltake Frio Extreme. I can tell you for sure that the Thermaltake Frio Extreme has more TDP than the Corsair H100. I also personally have a Thermaltake Frio in my system right now cooling my 3770K. The Frio Extreme has a TDP of 250W!! The reagular Frio has a TDP of 220W. Thats a crap load for air cooling!! Check them out in the link below.


I would also not use a cooler master PSU. If your looking for a good  PSU  I prefer these in the links below. I also don't know how much you want to future proof yourself but I suggest you get something that has enough voltage so you can put all the high end hardware later. I also don't know if your on a budget. If you are I hope these are not too much for you. I hope this helps out bro.


i dont think those are on the list that i can buy from and im getting a 7200rpm caviar blue

Well, since OP is in Malaysia, I don't think newegg links are going to help much.

Using the part list that was given, I say just stick with the CM Hyper 212 EVO cooler, it's the cheapest one there.

If you're trying to save money then I would suggest downgrading to a MSI Geforce GTX 670 Power Edition and using the money you save to get a Seagate 1TB HDD and an Intel 120GB 520 series SSD.

That powersupply is good enough.  It's not my first or second choice but there's nothing for that price at that website aside from the Silverstone Strider+ 600Watt but it costs a little bit more.

All in all you'll end up with a 670 instead of 680 but then you only pay like an extra RM100 or so for an SSD, a bit better PSU and a HDD.

Edit: Guess you already have a HDD, didn't see that.  That means you'll save like RM100 and end up with an SSD and a slightly better PSU!

my god thanks i did think the 680 was abit overkill and i dont have a HDD thanks so much this is my first build so im trying to get as much help as i can

Ok, if you are going to get the 680, you will need to get a higher end PSU. That requires 2 8 pin connectors (or 6+2). If you were to get the 670, you would be ok with this PSU. However, the motherboard does have a 6 pin connector on it to give more power to the ram and/or if you have a mutli-gpu setup. I would recommend getting the coolermaster 750w version (same series just one step up) which would allow you to power two gpus if need be although it will not allow you to plug into the 6 pin connector on the motherboard. To solve this, you can get the  CoolerMaster Silent Gold 800Watt power supply which will allow you to power both GPUS (if you ever decide to get a second) and plug into the connector on the motherboard. (just recommended if you would ever want to add on to the beast however it is not needed to boot the system)