Need Help Picking Pc Parts

Hey guys, i am trying to build a new pc this summer and this is my first build so I kind of think I got it right but I want to make sure that i am spreading my money wisely towards my parts. Around $800 is fine and I am using for gaming and minor editing.Also, I most likely will overclock my cpu, gpu, and ram and I need it quiet and cool. ANY help is appreciated:

Another post ._.?

Do away with the SSD, and pick up an actual hard drive as you'll need storage.  64GB very small, and you won't be able to install much after your OS is installed.

Your motherboard has a weak 4+1 power delivery.  I've changed it to one with a more powerful, 8+2 power delivery system.

I don't know how Zotac's cooler performs, but the MSI Twin Frozr is pretty good and cheaper.

I switched out the case, since the 200r is kind of expensive at the moment.

Thanks but i didnt add a hdd since i already have one but thanks for everything else, and the i needed the case to have usb 3.0 thats why i chose it.