Need help picking pc parts

Hey guys, i'm trying to build a pc for around $800 and im kinda stuck on if the parts i have are worth the money. I just feel i can get a little bit more performance if i spread out my money more wisely towards my parts. Any comments would be helpful. Link:

-Thanks in advance

not sure where you can save money but for just a few dollars more you will get a bigger ssd which you absolutely need. 64gb just isn't going to cut it.

Don't bother with such a low capacity and low end SSD.  Save your money at get a faster performing drive that has at least 120GB

about $70 more but well worth it.

I would get a cheaper case if you don't plan on 240mm water cooling, then maybe put that saved money into an FX 8350 which is 20$ off on newegg as of now, or a bigger SSD, or a better motherboard to overclock, or cooling.

what other motherboard would you suggest? Would the ASRock 990FX Killer do good?