Need help picking out watercooling parts

I just ordered a Corsair 350D and a 780 yesterday. I am looking to watercool both my 780 and 3770k(Already Own). I have 240mm rad that I am planning to put in the top of the 350D; I just ordered and Alphacool UT60 . The problem that I am having is I'm having trouble finding Pump/Res is SMALL enough to no interfere with other parts. It can't be a bay reservoir because that is where I am going to put my SDDs and HDDs. I was thinking about a Aquacomputer Pump Adapter w/ Aqualis Reservoir and Pump (Link to it at the bottom); but it might be too tall. So, if I could please have your input on a pump and reservoir I would be much appreciative. Also, it could be a pump/res combo or just a pump and a reservoir. 






Just as another option, I know bitspower is a great manufacturer for watercooling components. 


Pump Top:


Pump mod kit and mounting brackets:

Also if small-ness is a must:
Mounting solution:

Something that goes a slightly different Path is this all in one from Swiftech. Now before you dismiss the all in one check it out. It's the only all in one that I am aware of that you can upgrade. It is small, expandable, and from the looks of things does a really good job of keeping things cool (ill let you know what temps I get when I get mine). And you might find it is a cheaper option. If you are going for a flashy build then it might not be for you but I encourage you to check it out (link below).

(Also check out the first vid by tech of tomorrow, they have rocking music haha)