Need help picking out parts for a new PC!


So I'm planning on building a new PC for streaming, rendering, and gaming soon and the budget is around $2500 and I also need a 24" 1080p monitor with it and also an optical drive. So since I don't live in the states it would be better not to use PC part picker and use instead.


EDIT: The PC also needs to be extremely quiet.

All these builds are approximately $2000 CAD. The $500 remainder can be allocated on your choice of monitors or other components. And there's plenty of ways you can save money on each build.

1150 socket

I haven't included a CPU cooler, I thought you might want to consider an all-in-one watercooler, or alternative. I don't know how much overclocking you wish to perform.

You could afford some pretty awesome monitors with the remainder of your budget. Ultra HD (1440p) or a higher refresh.

I placed two 1TB HDDs in the build. It's good to have a separate HDD to write to.

Alternate 2011 ATX build.

Alternate AMD build. Very capable. Dual R9 290 configuration, which is gonna be good for productivity and gaming.

Thank you very much ^_^

why going socket 2011 with a 4820k?

Yeah, the 4820k isn't really worth it.  Go 1150 instead.

+1 for the 1150 socket build.

So update on this I'm planning on getting the LGA 1150 build after doing a bit of research. Thanks for the help and feedback everyone really appreciate it!

I think that was a very good choice. What monitor are you going to choose?

I already have a 1080p 144hz 27" monitor right now I only needed a second one for streaming so probably a cheap 24" 1080p one for my chat and other applications. Also Thanks for the help!