Need help picking headphones

I recently built a new gaming PC, the only thing I need is a good set of headphones, Im looking to spend aorund £150 and need a good recommendation, someone help me out? 

If you're just using it for gaming, i'd definitely take a look at the Astro A40, Steelseries Siberia, Sennheiser PC, Razer Kraken.  I know there's going to be hate with this choice, but if you're gaming, these headphones are all respectively good.

Astro A40 which i own run on a flat frequency and has an AMP it comes with which u can buy seperate if you can't afford it in one shot has pretty good auto EQ settings which REALLY work well during FPS when you have the surround enabled, hardware driven DDL which i can vouch works quite well.  

Steelseries is always a good brand, they're not the best headphones but they are well built, good drivers, good EQ.

Sennheiser is one of those companies that just makes good headphones, it doesn't even matter what line, such a good brand.  These guys run a lil on the bassey side, mostly flat, i've got 2 headphones from these guys and the're really full sounding and have good depth.

Razer Kraken which is surprisingly good for gaming and very bass heavy which is REALLY great for FPS and war games.  I'm not too much of a razer fan but these are the first razer headsets that i actually like, something really special about them something with their mids that they do, you would think would be muddy cuz of the bass but it's surprisingly smooth sounding.

If you want a good solution for gaming and some styles of music grab this

And grab one of these

This will give you a decent setup at a cheaper cost than headsets. 

If you do grab a headset instead stay away from Virtual surround sound stuff, it's a gimmick instead just select the Headphones audio option in-game which will give you a good binaural audio experiance.

They are all good suggestion, and as much as id like astros I dont have £200 to put on headphones. Ill mostly be using them for music but some gaming, I was considering a pair of beyerdynamic COP with a mod mic or something.

A pair of decent quality headphones and a mod mic is a great way to go and saves you money in the long run instead of going through multiple pairs of headsets.

EDIT Just remembered that Custom One Pro's have a Mic accessory, you should check that out if you're going with them.