Need help picking GPU for machine learning

Im looking for a GPU in the $600 range (im in denmark, so we probably around the 400-500 mark in the US).
My daily OS is Pop_OS! I already have a 5700xt, however this is not (yet) supported in ROCm. Therefore im looking for a compute GPU supporting Pytorch workloads. I’ve been looking at Ebay and found some used Radeon Pro wx 9100 or old K80s. I would like the most bang for the buck. I was considering if i could find a used Mi25, however i have no clue if that would require specific OS’es or drivers. Anyone that has a recommendation? I prefer AMD over nvidia due to the open source approach that AMD has to linux.

Not a GPU – but an interesting co-processor for ML.

Coral makes USB and M.2 versions. ~$60 USD

They’re intended for TensorFlow Lite, but since you’re using PyTorch, you’ll need to convert models to TensorFlow with something like ONNX.

Good luck!

Im looking for hardware capable of training. Im not looking for cheap inference hardware.

Did you consider just Vega 64?

I have, however the 8GB vram makes me hesitant, used prices are very low though.
I would ideally want a workstation class card with 16GB. Closest to this would be a used wx 9100, however used price seems to be 4x of a used vega64.

Yeah that’s what I mean. You stated its just a temporary solution until ROCm supports RDNA (if it ever does), so maybe dumping $600 isn’t the best idea.
You may also score cheap Radeon VII as RDNA2 drops today. If someone bought it to game there maybe window soon when they upgrade to 6800xt…

Another thing, when CDNA will be out possibly many MI’s will drop on second hand market.

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I commented on a Radeon Instinct post on twitter about they should add RDNA 1 and 2 support, which was liked by a rocm developer, so one can hope :smile:
You make a valid point, buy cheapo vega64 now, upgrade to mi25 or mi50 when data centers start dumping after they got mi100.

Personally i hope AMD just refreshes the entire Radeon Pro line with CDNA cards.

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