Need help picking components for a PC

I have a budget of $1000 to $1100 for my PC, but not really up to date on the component race. I was thinking Intel for the CPU, but have no idea what to do for the GPU and other components. I haven't built a pc in a couple years and need some help find all the parts to make my new dream machine. I don't need peripherals or anything, so it's not a part of the budget. I Would really appreciate some help and be grateful for it. Thanks.

You can use this as a guide and get better components since you don't need peripherals.....

i would use a gtx 960 2gb if your just gaming, but get the 4gb if you render.

I believe you can easily go for Z97 platform with a non K i7 and a 4Gb 970 (EVGA or gigabyte)
Be sure to get 700w or more for a happy PSU, no headaches, and I'd go with a 240Gb ssd
If you can save or get some discount you'll be abre to add some more storage or aftermarket cpu cooler (which I recommend)

You''ll probably want a Xeon 1231v3 with like a 390 or above

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I second what Streetguru said above, although if you're doing solely gaming you might not really need the extra threads of the xeon. Might be worth taking a look at skylake.

Its more economical to get an X99 system at the moment rather than skylake, or at least from what i have seen so far

What's your goal for the build? Pure gaming pc or a gaming/workstation? What resolution will you be playing games at? Knowing the intended use will influence your build. If a mid-range gaming systems is all you want, an i5 will be all you need for a cpu and the money you save on the cpu can be used to get a higher end gpu or larger ssd. If you plan on running AutoCAD or 3D rendering then you need more cpu power and more RAM.

I can only give an idea because i am in the UK but it may be worth taking a look at an X99 Mobo and I7 5820K CPU and 16GB DDR4, be sure to stick above 750W for the PSU, i use an RM750 and thats a great PSU. Make sure you get a 240GB SSD for OS, maybe and extra 500GB one for games if you can spare the money, definatley a GTX 970 for the GPU, any case will do so long as it supports E-ATX for X99. you can probably salvage some old HDD's from your current system, if you can spare the money then get a H100i or H110i GT for water cooling.

Just play around with that idea, i have no idea how much my idea will cost in USD because i am in the UK

Nope, the 5820K + a decent mobo's around $500. 6600k and a decent mobo's more around $400.

My suggestion assuming purely gaming:

My suggestion of streaming, recording and video editing too:

Yeah it is certainly not economical going for an X99 system atm, but it is better for price/performance for not too much extra.
Threads like these make me realize how much Australian prices suck, it costs atleast ~$550 for a 5820k alone :/

Ahh must only be a thing in the UK then, i am finding its cheaper in some cases to go X99, must be very different in the US

Here's my take on your budget; it's got skylake, 2133 mhz ram, a 970 and a 250 GB ssd. I didn't add any spare storage because usually people like us have spare storage from other computers laying around. If need be you can add to it in the future.

5820k > 6700k & X99 > Z170 so I would go for X99, especially if it is cheaper in the UK

Yeh not sure if this guy is in the UK though

But skylake doesn't give you anymore performance really than haswell, it's really not worth the extra money.

There's more to skylake than just the cpu. It's on a new socket that will probably support kabylake and cannonlake cpu's so there is a possible upgrade path later on. It has 4 additional PCIE lanes, usb 3.1, and DDR4 support. I wouldn't upgrade from Haswell to Skylake but if I was building from scratch I would definitely go with Skylake if possible.

Would be nice to know what to youre gonna use it for but anyway Im making a build in the same pricerange for a friend so you could check it out for inspiration:

btw. ignore ram/storage only choose that based on local prices.

Ya, but it's not like haswell is going to be any real gaming bottleneck for a long while, and if you want performance and options the only real choice is x99's a $60 difference.


You're getting a motherboard that supports future generations of intel CPUs if what @knight26 is true, for that, too.

And X99 puts you over budget:
(even with like, an X99 quad core hyperthreaded xeon, it's +$110 from a skylake setup (See here) and you could just get a socket 1150 one instead, that'd be waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy cheaper because you could get away with a H97 motherboard then)

Essentially with haswell as a baseline for price, Z170 is +$60, and X99 is + $260... nowhere near the same.