Need help picking an APU

Trying to pick between the athlon 750k and the a10 6800k. So considering that i will be overclocking and a dedicated GPU that cant be crossfired with the on chip graphics. Any thoughts?

A10 6800k, if you plan to overclock i would get that since it's a higher binned chip so there more potential for a high overclock. 

k thank you.

If you are looking at socket FM2, chances are that you won't have a high enough budget for a good motherboard or cooling, so you probably are not going to be doing a huge amount of overclocking. Also, the 750k isn't an APU, it has no integrated graphics.

Get a Athlon 760k its less money and higher binned then the 750k for less money then the 6800k

I planned on using a 60$ liquid cooler or if my case can fit it a evo 212. and yes i know the athlon isnt an apu but the FM2 socket is known as amds APU socket.

750K if you have a dedicated GPU.

It is the same as the 6800k without integrated graphics.

760k and a night hawk, a $60 water cooler will be total crap, and a hyper 212 isn't for overclocking 


may help.

Um..... 965 BE with the 212 4.1ghz at 45c when gaming and ive used some cooler master ones, mind you they were on fire sale, that worked very well.

not saying they're not respectable, i use one, but when you specifically say you'll be overclocking you should get a cooler that was ment for overclocking

if you happen to have a spare one lying around by all means, but if you're considering $60 for a bad water cooler, spend $50 for a better air cooler

Space is an issue 2. using a cooler master elite 120.